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Temple for: Tyche
erected: 2st century A.D.
Dimensions: Stylobat: Diameter 9,9 meters
  Peristasis: 12
Ground plan
Roman province: Pamphylia
Location: Selimiye, Manavgat county, Province Antalya

The Temple of the Tyche on the Handelsagora, once surrounded by porticoes, directly below the ancient theatre, was reconstructed in 2011/2012 using original components and completed in 2012. The considerable reconstruction costs of almost one million lira were raised by sponsors.
The shape of the round temple, called Tholos, had a roof in the shape of a twelve-sided pyramid. Twelve Corinthian columns supported the roof over the cella. A 2.15 m wide, nine-stepped staircase led up to the podium.


In Greek mythology, Tyche is the goddess of destiny, lucky (or evil) coincidence and chance. Tyche elevates and humiliates and whimsically brings about the change of history. Her attributes are cornucopia, rudder, wings and a rudder on a ball or a wheel. Occasionally she also holds Pluto, the god of wealth, in her arms. The Roman equivalent is the goddess Fortuna.

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