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Diokaisareia (Diocaesarea)





Temple for: Zeus Olbios
erected: approx. 295 B.C.
Dimensions: Stylobat: ca. 21,2 x 39,7 m
  Peristasis: 6 x 12
Ground plan

Roman province: Cilicia
Location: Uzuncaburç, Silifke county, Province Mersin

The temple of Zeus Olbios was built around 295 BC, in Hellenistic times, under Seleukos Nikator, King of Syria. It is the oldest temple of this kind and with approx. 40 x 21 m at the same time the largest. Its columns were 9.80 m high and had a diameter of 1.55 m at the base.
In Byzantine times the temple was transformed into a basilica. The naos and two columns in front of the portal were removed, walls were drawn in between the columns and a side entrance (still visible today) was created. The floor was covered with coloured mosaics, of which only a few parts remain.
The Apssis was built on the east side and a wooden roof was added. The damage to the columns indicates that the basilica was destroyed by fire.

As part of the archaeological investigations in the 1980s, the Byzantine wall remains between the columns were removed and the temple area cleared.


Godfather Zeus is the supreme Olympic god of Greek mythology and more powerful than all other Greek gods combined. Zeus is usually represented with a sceptre and a bundle of lightning. Above him stood only the personified fate - his daughters, the moirs. He also had to submit to them.
Zeus was married to his sister Hera, with whom he had four children... But he also had many affairs, among others with the goddess Leto, a daughter of the titan Koios, who gave birth to Apollo, the god of light and music, and Artemis, the healing goddess of nature and hunting, or Leda, from whom he got the dioscuri Castor and Polydeukes.

The history of Diokaisareia:


The apse of the basilica in front of the minaret  
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